If you have personal or confidential papers that must be sent from your home or office to another office or agency, you may wonder how you are going to get them there. There are several ways that you can do it. Some of them are more confidential or speedier that others.


With a courier, you can call up the service and they will come straight to your home or office to pick up your documents. Your documents are only handled by the courier until they reach their destination. Once the courier reaches their destination, they hand the documents over to the recipient. One thing that the courier can do to make sure that you know that your documents reached the right person is to have that person sign for it. When the recipient signs for it, the courier can also do things like check ID to make sure that it really is the correct person.

There are different kinds of couriers. There are couriers who guarantee same day delivery. They generally only deliver in the nearby area so that they can meet their deadline. This is a good service if you have to get mortgage papers, divorce documents, or other time-sensitive legal documents to the recipients right away. 

Other couriers will offer long distance service. This means that the courier will take your document from you and take it to wherever it is going. You are going to pay more, depending on how far they are going, how fast they are going, and what form of transportation they are taking.   

Postal Service

Another choice you have is to use the postal service. You can choose to do things like sending your documents by registered mail or request proof of delivery. The reason to do this is because the recipient will have to sign in order to get the document. 

You won't get same day delivery with the postal service, but you can request overnight or next day service. That means that the document will be in your recipients hand the day after you send it. You will likely pay a little less if you use the postal service, but one problem is that you don't know who is going to have access to your documents. There are going to be several hands that the documents will go through. 

Getting your sensitive, personal, or confidential documents where they are going is important. Knowing which service to use (such as Motion Express) to send them is also important.