Congratulations! You're making the leap from the dorms to your first apartment. This is a huge step in becoming the adult that you are striving to be. Whether you are moving in with friends or getting your own place, renting a moving truck and/or hiring movers will make the transition as smooth as possible. There are also several things you can do to make moving your furniture and other possessions quick and painless and to protect these items from damage. Read on for a checklist that will help your move be virtually stress free.

Procuring Boxes (3-4 weeks before move)

Boxes are the most important part of getting your stuff organized and packed up. Don't wait until the last minute to get these, as everyone else will also be moving out of the dorms and needing boxes as well. There are few different places that you can get boxes from.

Grocery and Liquor Stores

Grocery and liquor stores get shipments frequently and have a plethora of boxes that they break down, crush, and recycle. Go a few weeks before your move-out date and talk to a manager or visit the customer service desk about taking some of these boxes off of their hands. The types of boxes that transport fruit and liquor are small but very strong. Go in the morning if possible, when the stores have restocked the shelves and still need to break the boxes down.

The moving truck rental company

Moving companies sell many different box sizes, as well as packing tape. A few weeks before your move you should visit your local truck rental store front to see what sort of deals or specials that they might be running and to check out their packing supplies. It would be best to reserve a truck at this time, as well as a dolly to move heavy items. 

Sort items for donation (2-3 weeks before move)

A few weeks before you start packing, you should go through all of your clothes, furniture, and household items to see if there is anything that you no longer need, wear, or use, so that you can donate these items rather than lugging them to the new apartment. At this time, you may want to start a list of items that you would like to purchase for your apartment.

Pack (Starting 1 week before moving day)

Start to pack up non-essential items into boxes and clearly label these boxes with a marker. Make sure you place heavier items, like books, in smaller boxes, and lighter items, like pillows and blankets, in larger boxes. As the week progresses, you should have a good pile of boxes in a corner that are labeled and ready to go. If you can overlap the time that you move out of the dorms and the time that you start renting your new apartment, you can start moving a few small boxes before the actual moving day.

Moving Day!

Move all of your items into your new place and put the the labeled boxes into their appropriate rooms. While you still have the truck, pick up any large items for the new apartment, such as bed frames, couches, etc.

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