If you have a large entertainment system in your home, you likely have everything from a flat screen television to an impressive DVD or Blu-ray collection. If you have a move planned in your future, you need to take the time to make the proper plans to ensure that everything will arrive safely at your new home. When electronics are involved, it becomes even more important for you to carefully plan your move to ensure that the entertainment system and all of its contents are carefully moved.

Pack Your Television Carefully

Your flat screen is one of the most valuable items you may be bringing on your move and it also happens to be one of the most fragile. In order for the television to be packed with care, you will need to remove any movable parts such as the TV stand and any removable cords. Using plenty of padding for the television can help protect the corners, as well as the fragile screen.

Use Plenty of Padding for Any Stereos

If you have a stereo system that you will be packing, you need to be careful since the interior of the speakers could be punctured and entirely ruined. The packing should include either packing paper or bubble wrap, and all parts of the stereo should be snugly wrapped so that nothing will bump around during the transport.

Disassemble What You Can for the Entertainment Center

The entertainment center itself may be large in size, so it is important to have everything disassembled before the movers arrive. This means getting the entertainment center disassembled with care so that all the edges and movable parts such as the drawers are not going to be damaged. Keep the spare parts and tools in a zipped bag so that putting it all back together once you have moved in will be a breeze.

Pack Each Part of Video Game Consoles Carefully

If you have a video game console you intend on moving to your new home, you will need to unplug any attached cords and controllers. Pack each item carefully with packing paper or bubble wrap will ensure that things are not rubbing against each other while being transported.

Designate Boxes Specifically for DVDs and Games

DVDs and video game boxes can end up taking up a lot of room if you pack them with the rest of the living room items. Set aside boxes specifically for these items so they can be moved together.

Taking the time to explore your options for moving the items in your entertainment system can help ensure that you are able to enjoy your entertainment as soon as moving in. With the above tips in mind, your items can arrive safely without any trouble. 

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