In general, professional movers are very hard workers. They will do their best to make sure that your belongings are properly packed and moved from your old home to your new place. When these people come into your home and go to work, it is important to treat them with respect. By showing your respect for these movers who are working hard for you, you can feel more comfortable that they trust you and that they will take care of your things. There are several things that you can do to show respect and make sure that the movers are taken care of.

1. Help them Feel Comfortable. One thing that you can do while these movers are in your home is to make them feel as comfortable as possible. They will be working hard and expending a lot of energy. By offering them water and snacks, you can help to make sure that they stay energized and motivated. Let them know in advance where a bathroom is that they can use. This shows respect and consideration for the movers and they will gain an appreciation for you as a host.

2. Set Expectations. When the movers arrive, you should be clear about what you expect to be done. By explaining specific instructions and opening a dialogue with the movers at the beginning of the process, you will find that they will be more likely to trust you and ask you questions regarding the move. This is great because you will want the movers to bring up any questions or concerns without any apprehensions.

3. Tipping. Many people are unaware that it is customary to tip your movers. When a moving company does a good job feel free to be liberal with the amount that you tip. The industry standard is to tip around 5 percent of the total move, which can be split between each mover. You could certainly give more or less depending on how the quality of the work done. By making it clear that you know tipping is important and that you intend on tipping them after the move is completed, the movers may go the extra mile for you.

These are simple things that can be done to ensure that the movers receive the respect that they deserve. You will find that a mutual respect develops. When this happens, every one is a lot better off.