Approximately 19 percent of Canadians work at home. Many own businesses that they run out of their home offices. These range widely from freelance writers and artists to consulting businesses to direct sales. One thing most of these diverse businesses have in common is a lack of space in their offices. Self storage can solve a number of space issues, freeing up space for clients and to help you feel less cluttered as you work.

Ways to use a self-storage unit to enhance your business

1. Use it to file those paper records. Virtually every business has more paper records than they have room to store them. These can be customer order forms, copies of tax returns, tax receipts and records about former employees. Although you need to keep these records accessible in case of an audit or inquiry from the government, there's no rule that says they have to be housed right in your office space.

2. Store your excess inventory in it. If your business is one where you keep inventory to resell to your customers, then you know how quickly these items can overtake your office. It's a conundrum. You want to have the items on hand that your customers want to buy. However, you don't (and your spouse likely doesn't) want piles of boxes stacked in your office. A self storage unit can be a great and convenient compromise. You can quickly run over to the unit when you make a sale, while leaving your work space uncluttered.

3. To use as a customer showroom. If your business sells large items or if you create paintings or room interiors, you need a place to showcase your inventory. A self storage unit can fit this need, also. You can set up the unit as a self-contained showroom and, when you have a client interested in one of your products, take him or her over to the space, just as you would a retail showroom and let him or her see the items in person...all for a fraction of what you would pay for a retail storefront.

4. To store business equipment. If you have a landscaping or construction business, zoning in your neighborhood may not let you store your equipment in your driveway or behind your property. A self storage units makes a convenient second garage for such items.

While self storage isn't the answer for every at-home business. However, such units can be an excellent place to store necessary paperwork, keep your excess inventory and even showcase your products.

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