If you run out of room for storage at your house, you might consider renting a storage locker at a storage facility. While a storage locker can keep your gear safe and accessible when you need it, it is hard to keep your eye on it. For this reason, you should look for a highly secure storage facility so that you can be certain that your belongings are safe. A safe storage facility will have three main characteristics: solid walls, cameras, and individual alarm systems. 

Wall out Your Troubles

A storage facility should, at the very least, have a masonry wall around it. Determined thieves might be willing to cut through a fence in order to find their way into a storage facility, but tools such as wire or bolt cutters that could be used to cut through a fence will have no effect on a masonry wall. You will need to have an access point in your masonry wall, so you should make sure that the gate to the storage facility that you use has a full-time guard and a key-code access system. 

Keep an Eye on Thieves

If thieves do get into a storage facility, a good camera system offers the chance of identifying the thieves, so that you can get your stuff back. You will first want to make sure that the cameras in your storage facility are positioned so that they will cover more than just the entrance to the storage facility. Cameras positioned throughout a storage facility will have the best chance of catching thieves who may manage to bypass the entrance. You will also want to make sure that camera footage is recorded so that, if needed, a copy can be passed on to the police. 

Individual Access Codes

Many storage facilities will have a key-code that you use to open the gate to the facility and then leave it up to you to either provide your own lock for your locker. More advanced lockers will have a keypad for each storage locker. This means that even if would-be thieves find a way to bypass the keypad at the gate, the alarm for your locker should still catch them. 

The more security measures a storage facility uses, the more likely it is that any would-be thieves will be either deterred or caught. Look for a highly secure storage facility in order to keep your stored belongings safe. To learn more about self storage, contact a business like Canada Storage Station Storage.