There may be a time when you need to put some things in storage. It's possible that you're de-cluttering your home or making a move to another location. Whatever your reason may be, you'll want to be prepared to know what to consider in any unit you rent. This will help you avoid making a mistake before you sign a contractual agreement.

The size you need

The first thing you should do is consider what items you are putting into storage. Will you need a small or large unit to accommodate your needs each month?

Below are different sizes that will usually hold specific things:

1. 5 x 8 – This is the typically the smallest sized unit you may find. If you need to store a few odds and ends from your home, such as a treadmill and some free weights, this would be ideal.

2. 10 x 10 – This is an average sized unit that can hold a medium sized bedroom suite.

3. 10 x 20 – One of the largest units you may be able to rent and can typically hold the furniture or things in at least two rooms of your home.

Typically, the smaller the unit is, the less you will be required to pay each month.

The security of the units

You will want to ensure your items are well-protected at all times. This means knowing how well the storage units are monitored on a daily basis.

Below are some of the security features you may need:

1.  A gated area that only allows the customers to have access to it.

2.  A padlock for your unit for extra security.

3.   Surveillance cameras that operate 24/7 and help catch any suspicious activity on the premises.

The hours of operation

It's important to be able to get into your storage unit when you want to do so, and this means knowing when it's open. Be sure to check with the manager of the company to obtain a schedule that shows the normal business hours.

Being able to keep your belongings safe and secure at all times is important. By renting a storage unit, you can do this and save space in your home at the same time. Be sure to address any questions you may have to the owner of the storage unit before you sign a contract of any type to secure your best interests! To find out more, contact a company like Centre Avenue Self-Storage.